Data Access

EGA studies consist of one or more datasets. Each dataset is affiliated to a Data Access Committee (DAC), which is the body responsible for data access decisions after a formal application procedure.

What follows is a step by step guide to identify the DAC to which you must apply to gain access to your dataset/s of interest and how to use your resulting EGA account to access the datasets, assuming your application has been approved.

Search for your study of interest

Search bar on the main page

Filter search results

Search results using "carcinoma" as a keyword

Identify the dataset/s you wish to access

Study page
Dataset page

Access approved: Receive your EGA account Log-in details

Upon a successful application, a one time log-in to set your password for your EGA account will be sent to your email address. Once your password has been authorised you will receive email notification that your EGA account is ready to use.

Login menu at the home page

Once you have logged-in, a list of the datasets you have been granted access to will appear on 'My Datasets' page.

EGA user's 'My Datasets' page

For each of them, you will be able to see the data packets it contains and also download all the metadata associated to the dataset. Besides, the metadata package contains mapping files for the all the EGA objects (study, samples, experiments) depicting the connections between them and also all the original XMLs submitted to us.

Authorised user's Dataset page view