Core-data resources, widespread services that are substantially increasing, are mostly deemed as unsustainable because these are largely funded by short-term grants. A call for a global coalition of data resources, that would ensure biological data remain freely available to the scientific community in the future, was made by the Global Life Science Data Resources Working Group (GLSDR) in a recent Nature Correspondence

According to Rolf Apweiler, director of the EBI, it is necessary to engage funders in regions where public data resources are heavily used, but investment is missing. Besides, putting all the ‘core’ data resources into one pot, so the support can be efficiently concentrated, would be certainly helpful to reach the goal of consistent funding. Nevertheless, whilst agreeing to a funding model may be straight forward – agreeing on what to fund will be a bit more complicated. This is where indicators such as scientific quality, usage, impact, resource governance and management aspects play an essential role.

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