A new workshop took place in CRAG (Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics) this July. The event – Electronic Health Record, Omics Data – was organised by the BIB (Bioinformatics Barcelona Association), a non-profit association that generates synergies between biology and computer science, and chaired by Jordi Rambla (Team Leader of European Genomics-phenome Archive at the Centre for Genomic Regulation) and Cedric Notredame (Group Leader of Comparative Bioinformatics team at the Centre for Genomic Regulation).

Several speakers from different backgrounds, from public health to private companies, were gathered together and discussed the current situation of data integration between health and computer science. The fact is that a huge amount of data is produced and stored nowadays. However, the usage of these data is yet to be improved, mostly in order to unify the system to perform advanced clinical research.

The take-home message was that we are still far from an omics integration of healthcare data. There is still a lot of work to do, but useful feedback can be provided to interested parties. Moreover, in the coming future, a hackathon will take place where the following steps regarding data integration will be discussed.