The European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) launched the EGA REST API about one year ago. This submission API is built on the top of our Micro Service Architecture and helps recurrent and/or proficient submitters on their regular processes, specifically metadata registration and retrieval. Even though this service has been proven to be consistently used by the regular submitters and genomics consortia, EGA strongly encourages these users to take full advantage of the REST API by directly implementing API calls and requests in their pipelines.

A great example of how EGA REST API can be easily used by different members of the same project is EGASUB: a command line tool that assists ICGC members submitting their NGS sequence data to EGA repository. This software, nicely developed by the ICGC-DCC team, not only reduces the required effort for generating the metadata but also dramatically improves and unifies its content.

The metadata belonging to the latest ICGC release (24), which involved 17300 cancer genomes, was entirely submitted to the EGA via EGASUB. A proper annotation and description of 192 Tb of raw sequencing data was only accomplished as a result of the advanced use that this particular command line tool makes of the EGA REST API.