EGA is delighted to have the visit of ELIXIR Finland as part of CRG’ Computational genomic seminar.

When: Thursday 18th of May – 12h

Where: Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) – Barcelona Biomedical Research Park – Aula room (4th floor)

Speaker: Juha Törnroos – CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd. / ELIXIR Finland

Title: Human data management in the pan-European ELIXIR context: the Finland angle

Abstract: Support human data management at each step of the research project life cycle is one of the key objectives of ELIXIR Finland. To fulfill scientific community’s needs ELIXIR Finland focus is on building solutions for storing and accessing human data at the most secure manner. The talk highlights the ELIXIR-FI’s efforts in the areas of human genome data archiving and development status of Local EGA technology in the Nordic countries, enhancing discoverability of human genome datasets by ELIXIR Beacon, managing access rights and permissions in these services with ELIXIR AAI (Authorization and Authentication Infrastructure) and utilizing secure cloud services for the data analysis.