The International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC) has released a collection of 41 coordinated papers aiming to shed  light on epigenetic processes.
This major work, covering a variety of topics and published in high-impact journals, represents a big step forward in the field of epigenomics.

The Consortium suggests that the substantial collection of publications can be collated into four broad categories:

  • Molecular and computational approaches to deconvolute distinct epigenomic signatures from tissues that contain a mix of different cell types
  • Development of new computational tools for the access, distribution, and sharing of epigenomic data via various channels to the community
  • Molecular mechanisms underlying different cellular processes in normal and abnormal cell development
  • Characterisation of how genetic variants affect the expression of genes, and how these genes in turn, contribute to disease

21 EGA studies, individually referenced in each manuscript, were used for this collection: