We are pleased to announce a series of new features and functionalities released to EGA website:

Major features

  • Documentation for querying EGA metadata through our public API is now available. Why not giving it a try and sharing your feedback with us?
  • EGA is an ELIXIR Core Data Resource and we are proudly acknowledging it
  • EGA website is now schemas.org/bioschemas compliant
  • Following the FAIR principles, all EGA identifiers for studies, datasets and DACs have been made searchable:
    •  Pages are now created for ongoing submissions. This option will help end users to know the status of a submission of interest
    • Pages are now created for deprecated submissions. Studies can be deprecated from the EGA upon Data Access Committee (DAC) request
  • Development pages for review purposes can be now requested. These pages are typically provided when your papers or grants are under revision

Minor features

  • EGA turned 10 years old – Let us celebrate our 10th anniversary
  • Main menu has been simplified and is now composed of six big categories: About, Submission, Browse, Access, Download and Metadata
  • Friendly URLs
  • Empty dataset descriptions have been populated with a custom message
  • Our team changes over the time, so it does our team page
  • EGA Data Providers (EGAO) are no longer operative and thus these are no longer searchable from our website