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GoNL release 5 haplotype panel

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EGAD00001000744 N/A N/A

Dataset Description

The samples in this panel come from 250 families: 248 parents-child trios and 2 parent-child duos. As the children do not provide additional haplotypes or population information, they were excluded from the panel. The samples present in the release are composed of 248 couples, 2 single individuals and 1 sample composed from the 2 haplotypes from the duo's children transmitted by their missing parent. The composed sample is named gonl-220c_223c.The files contain a total of 18.9M SNVs and 1.1M INDELs in autosomal chromosomes. They were generated by phasing/imputing the SNVs (a) and INDELs (b) using MVNCall. Only sites passing filters are reported. Sites filtered as part of the GoNL inaccessible genome were kept (but flagged as filtered) and still may contain true positive calls but should be used with care as they are located in parts of the genome that are less well captured (systematic under or over-covered or low-mapping quality)