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MultiOMICS study of a pair of infant monozygotic twins with concordant B-cell ALL (WGBS)

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EGAD00001005018 HiSeq X Ten 2

Dataset Description

B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-cell ALL) is the most common cancer in childhood. Studying identical twins with B-cell ALL provides a unique and tractable model for deciphering the developmental timing of pre- and post-natal mutations contributing to clonal evolution. To date, this has mainly focused on major cytogenetic subgroups of childhood B-cell ALL, including MLL fusions, ETV6-RUNX1, hyperdiploidy, and BCR-ABL1. However, formal demonstration of the prenatal origin and “backtracking” the natural history of the leukemia remains understudied in “B-other”/Normal Karyotype (NK) B-cell ALL. To characterize the epigenetic landscape of this particular leukemia subtype, we performed DNA bisulfite-sequencing on a pair of 8-month-old monozygotic twins diagnosed with concordant “B-other”/NK B-cell ALL.