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CINECA synthetic cohort EUROPE UK1 referencing fake samples

Dataset ID Technology Samples
EGAD00001006673 Illumina HiSeq 2000 2504

Dataset Description

Please note: This synthetic data set (with cohort “participants” / ”subjects” marked with FAKE) has no identifiable data and cannot be used to make any inference about cohort data or results. The purpose of this dataset is to aid development of technical implementations for cohort data discovery, harmonization, access, and federated analysis. In support of FAIRness in data sharing, this dataset is made freely available under the Creative Commons Licence (CC-BY). Please ensure this preamble is included with this dataset and that the CINECA project (funding: EC H2020 grant 825775) is acknowledged. For any questions please contact or This dataset (CINECA_synthetic_cohort_EUROPE_UK1) consists of 2521 samples which have genetic data based on 1000 Genomes data (, and synthetic subject attributes and phenotypic data derived from UKBiobank ( These data were initially derived using the TOFU tool ... (Show More)