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Targeted sequencing of Human esophageal epithelium microbiopsies

Dataset ID Technology Samples
EGAD00001006969 Illumina HiSeq 2500 N/A

Dataset Description

NOTCH1 mutant clones occupy the majority of normal human esophagus by middle age, but are comparatively rare in esophageal cancers, suggesting NOTCH1 mutations may promote clonal expansion but impede carcinogenesis. Here we test this hypothesis. Visualizing and sequencing NOTCH1 mutant clones in aging normal human esophagus, reveals frequent biallelic mutations that block NOTCH1 signaling.  In mouse esophagus, heterozygous Notch1 mutation confers a competitive advantage over wild type cells, an effect enhanced by loss of the second allele.  Notch1 loss alters transcription but has minimal effects on epithelial structure and cell dynamics. In a carcinogenesis model, Notch1 mutations were less prevalent in tumors than normal epithelium. Deletion of Notch1 reduced tumor growth, an effect recapitulated by anti-NOTCH1 antibody treatment.  We conclude that Notch1 mutations in normal epithelium are beneficial as wild type Notch1 promotes tumor expansion. NOTCH1 blockade has therapeutic potential in esophageal squamous tumors.