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The clinicopathologic spectrum and genomic landscape of de-/trans-differentiated melanoma

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EGAD00001007033 Illumina HiSeq 4000 21

Dataset Description

De- and trans-differentiation is a rare and only poorly understood phenomenon in cutaneous melanoma. To study this disease more comprehensively we have retrieved 11 primary cutaneous melanomas from our pathology archives showing biphasic features characterized by a conventional melanoma and additional areas of de-/trans-differentiation as defined by a lack of immunohistochemical expression of all conventional melanocytic markers (S-100 protein, SOX10, Melan-A and HMB-45). The clinical, histologic and immunohistochemical findings were recorded and follow-up was obtained. The patients were mostly elderly (median: 81 years; range: 42-86 years) without significant gender predilection, and the sun-exposed skin of the head and neck area was most commonly affected. The tumors were deeply invasive with a mean tumor thickness of 7 mm (range: 4-80 mm). The dedifferentiated component showed atypical fibroxanthoma-like features in the majority (7), while additional rhabdomyosarcomatous and epithelial transdifferentiation was noted histologically and/or immunohistochemically in two tumors each. ... (Show More)