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Mitochondrial DNA sequencing of human iPSC, parental cells, and iPSC derived cardiomyocytes

Dataset ID Technology Samples
EGAD00001008021 Illumina MiSeq 62

Dataset Description

Dataset contains whole mitochondrial DNA sequencing data in fastq format (Illumina MiSeq paired-end) of 62 samples, in total. Those samples include sequencing data of the endothelial cell populations of 10 different donors and of 26 early-passage iPSC clones derived thereof. Moreover, the dataset contains the data of 7 of those iPSC clones sequenced additionally in passage 30 and 50, each. Lastly, 4 iPSC clones were sequenced during directed cardiomyocyte differentiation, each at day 0, 5, and 15 of differentiation.