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Diverse mutational landscapes in human lymphocytes

Dataset ID Technology Samples
EGAD00001008107 HiSeq X Ten 717

Dataset Description

A lymphocyte suffers many threats to its genome, including programmed mutation during differentiation, antigen-driven proliferation and residency in diverse microenvironments. After developing protocols for single-cell lymphocyte expansions, we sequenced whole genomes from 717 normal naive and memory B and T lymphocytes and hematopoietic stem cells. All lymphocyte subsets carried more point mutations and structural variants than haematopoietic stem cells – the extra mutations were mostly acquired during differentiation, with burdens higher in memory than naive lymphocytes, although T cells also had a higher rate of mutation accumulation throughout life. Off-target effects of immunological diversification accounted for most of the additional differentiation-associated mutations in lymphocytes. Memory B cells acquired, on average, 18 off-target mutations genome-wide for every one on-target IGV mutation during the germinal centre reaction. Structural variation was 16-fold higher in lymphocytes than stem cells, with ~15% of deletions being attributable to off-target RAG activity. ... (Show More)