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Plasma whole genome sequencing from patients with stage IV colorectal cancer and microsatellite instability

Dataset ID Technology Samples
EGAD00001008999 Illumina HiSeq 2000 37

Dataset Description

This dataset contains plasma WGS data from patients with stage IV colorectal cancer (CRC, n = 16) and healthy individuals (n = 21) used in the Pointy manuscript. Patients with CRC provided written consent and samples were collected as performed as described previously ( number NCT01876511; Georgiadis et al., 2019, Le et al., 2017). Plasma samples from 21 healthy control individuals were procured through BioIVT. Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) was extracted from plasma using the QIAamp Circulating Nucleic Acid Kit. Libraries were prepared with 5 to 250 ng of cfDNA using the NEBNext DNA Library Prep Kit. Libraries were sequenced on HiSeq2000/2500.