Multi Omics of glioma in the the Chinese Glioma Genome Atlas (CGGA) project

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EGAS00001004729 Cancer Genomics

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EGAD00001006445 Glioma is the most common and aggressive brain cancer in adults. While primary glioma has been widely studied, molecular characterization of recurrent glioma is still rare. The high-quality sequencing data that we generated provides a useful resource for the community. The CGGA project contains over 2,000 samples from Chinese cohorts. It totally includes the whole-exome sequencing (286), DNA methylation (159), mRNA sequencing (1,018), mRNA microarray (301) and microRNA microarray (198) and matched clinical data. CGGA removes the barriers to researchers, providing rapid and convenient access to high-quality functional genomic data resources for biological research and clinical applications. Illumina HiSeq 2000 572

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