Type 2 Diabetes Genetic Exploration by Next-Generation Sequencing in Multi-Ethnic Samples (T2D-GENES) Project 1: KARE

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T2D-GENES (Type 2 Diabetes Genetic Exploration by Next-Generation Sequencing in Multi-Ethnic Samples) is a NIDDK-funded international research consortium which seeks to identify genetic variants for type 2 diabetes (T2D) through multiethnic sequencing studies. T2D-GENES Project 1 is a multi-ethnic sequencing study designed to assess whether less common variants play a role in T2D risk and to assess similarities and differences in the distribution of T2D risk variants across ancestry groups.

The individuals were obtained from 14 cohorts that are listed in Table 1. The strategy was to perform deep exome sequencing of 12,940 individuals, 6,504 with T2D and 6,436 controls, divided among five ancestry groups: Europeans, East Asians, South Asians, American Hispanics, and African Americans. Sequencing was performed at the Broad Institute using the Agilent v2 capture reagent on Illumina HiSeq machines. Please note that while we summarize the full sample list in publications and below, the Kooperative Gesundheitsforschung in der Region Augsburg (KORA) study does not have a sub study, as it is not consented to be deposited in dbGAP.

Table 1. T2D-GENES Whole Exome Sequencing Studies

Ancestry Study Countries of Origin # Cases # Controls
African American Jackson Heart Study US 502 527
African American Wake Forest School of Medicine Study US 518 532
East Asian Korea Association Research Project Korea 526 561
East Asian Singapore Diabetes Cohort Study; Singapore Prospective Study Program Singapore (Chinese) 486 592
European Ashkenazi US, Israel 506 352
European Metabolic Syndrome in Men Study (METSIM) Finland 484 498
European Finland-United States Investigation of NIDDM Genetics (FUSION) Study Finland 472 476
European Kooperative Gesundheitsforschung in der Region Augsburg (KORA) Germany 97 90
European UK Type 2 Diabetes Genetics Consortium (UKT2D) UK 322 320
European Malmö-Botnia Study Finland, Sweden 478 443
Hispanic San Antonio Family Heart Study, San Antonio Family Diabetes/ Gallbladder Study, Veterans Administration Genetic Epidemiology Study, and the Investigation of Nephropathy and Diabetes Study Family Component US 272 219
Hispanic Starr County, Texas US 749 704
South Asian London Life Sciences Population Study (LOLIPOP) UK (Indian Asian) 530 538
South Asian Singapore Indian Eye Study Singapore (Indian Asian) 563 585

The Korea Association Research Project (KARE) studies contributed 526 cases and 561 controls to T2D-GENES Project 1.

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