Blepharospasm in a Multiplex African-American Pedigree

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phs001206 Multiplex Families

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Blepharospasm (BSP) is a late-onset focal dystonia characterized by involuntary contractions of the orbicularis oculi muscles. Genetics plays an important role on the pathogenesis of BSP, especially in hereditary BSP families. In this project, a large African-American pedigree with BSP was phenotypically characterized and its relationship with known common dystonia genes was investigated with Sanger sequencing on dystonia genes such as THAP1, TOR1A and GNAL. And whole-exome sequencing (EXOME) of the proband was performed to identify all other dystonia-associated genes for potentially pathogenic SVs. A novel THAP1 SV (c.314T>C, p.L105S) was identified in the family, however, this SV did not co-segregate with blepharospasm in the pedigree. No pathogenic or likely pathogenic SVs in other dystonia-associated genes were identified with whole-exome sequencing.

The current study makes available phenotype data and summary genotype data of n=12 family members (mutation absent/heterozygous for THAP1); whole exome sequencing data of one (het) subject are available through public SRA.

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