National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Heart Healthy Lenoir (HHL) Genomics Study

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The HHL genomics study uses a systems approach to develop models integrating clinical and genomic data. Previously we developed and tested an approach known as the SAMARA (Supporting A Multidisciplinary Approach to Research in Atherosclerosis) project that applied recent advances in biomedical and computational sciences at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to develop a deeper understanding of human cardiovascular disease (CVD). The Heart-Healthy Lenoir Project expands these studies into the community, using this methodology to: 1) determine the prevalence of genomic risk signatures in high-risk community populations using genome-wide Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) analysis; 2) develop novel genomic models incorporating high-risk features in this population; and 3) determine whether genomic signatures can be used to predict responsiveness to interventions that underlie CVD disparities.

DNA was obtained from participants enrolled in two of the HHL clinical trials, 1) Improving Care for Patients With High Blood Pressure (NCT01425515) or 2) Heart-Healthy Lenoir Lifestyle Study (NCT01433484). Participants could enroll in both trials concurrently.

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