Transdisciplinary Studies of Genetic Variation in Colorectal Cancer(CORECT): Meta-analysis

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phs001499 Case-Control

Study Description

This study is part 2 of 2 for Schumacher et al, Nat Communication. 2015 Jul 7;6:7138. Part 2 is the pooled meta-analysis of 29 different studies of 37,955 European (18,299 Cases/19,656 Controls) participants using eight different genotyping platforms/variations.

Study Name Participants Platform
CFR-1 2976 Illumina 1M, 1M Duo, Omni1
CFR-2 3053 Affymetrix Axiom
MECC 1 982 Illumina Omni 2.5
MECC2 1940 Affymetrix Axiom
Kentucky 2172 Affymetrix Axiom
ACS/CAPII 1086 Affymetrix Axiom
Melbourne 1008 Affymetrix Axiom
Newfoundland 672 Affymetrix Axiom
ASTERKSI 1895 Illumina 300K
COLO23 212 Illumina 300K
DACHS1 3417 Illumina 300K
DACHS2 1173 Illumina OmniExpress
DALS1 1416 Illumina 550k/610K
DALS2 874 Illumina 300K
HPFS1 457 Illumina OmniExpress
HPFS2 348 Illumina OmniExpress
HPFS AA 658 Illumina OmniExpress
MEC 674 Illumina 300K
NHS1 1168 Illumina OmniExpress
NHS2 340 Illumina OmniExpress
NHSAA 1091 Illumina OmniExpress
OFCCR 1172 Affymetrix 100k/500K
PHS 771 Illumina OmniExpress
PMH 402 Illumina 300K
PLCO1 2509 Illumina 550k/610K
PLCO2 901 Illumina 300K
VITAL 573 Illumina 300K
WHI1 1999 Illumina 550k/610K
WHI2 573 Illumina 300K

Since this study is a meta-analysis no corresponding phenotype, pedigree, sample, subjects, or primary molecular data are available. Each contributing study/platform will have fulfilled its own DBGAP submission commitment. This DBGAP entry is for European participants in the the pooled meta-analysis exclusively.

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