Prospective Analysis of Genotypes in Adults Undergoing Therapy for Lung Cancer (Paclitaxel Cohort)

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Lung cancer is frequently treated with paclitaxel in combination with several other agents; however, paclitaxel treatment is often ineffective or limited by treatment-related toxicities. Heritable variants in genes associated with absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination may predict paclitaxel clinical outcome and toxicity. We designed a prospective multi-institutional study that recruited 546 patients receiving therapy with a 5-year follow up. All patients were genotyped using the Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Transporters (DMET) platform, which ascertains 1931 genotypes in 235 genes. Genotypes were compared to the progression-free survival of paclitaxel therapy and clinically-significant paclitaxel toxicities. Seven genetic variants were associated with paclitaxel PFS (in ABCB11, ABCC3, ABCG1, CYP8B1, NR3C1, FMO6P, and GSTM3), whereas four genetic variants (in VKORC1, SLC22A14, GSTA2, and DCK) were associated with paclitaxel toxicities. The present SNPs have limited clinical utility but suggest that certain genes are related to important paclitaxel pathways in lung cancer.

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