Whole-Exome Sequencing and Targeted DNA Sequencing of Matched Ocular Melanocytosis and Uveal Melanoma

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Ocular melanocytosis is the most important predisposing condition for the eye cancer uveal melanoma (UM). Here we used whole-exome and deep targeted sequencing to identify for the first time a clonal Gq pathway mutation in ocular melanocytosis, which gave rise to UM. Additionally, we elucidated the order in which canonical genetic aberrations were acquired during tumor evolution. These findings provide a mechanistic explanation for the well-known clinical association of ocular melanocytosis with UM, and they provide new insights into UM tumor evolution.

Reprinted from: Durante MA, Field MG, Sanchez MI, Covington KR, Decatur CL, Dubovy SR, Harbour JW. Genomic evolution of uveal melanoma arising in ocular melanocytosis, with permission from Cold Spring Harbor Molecular Case Studies.

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