Women's Health Study Accelerometry Dataset

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Study Description

The Women's Health Study (WHS) was a randomized trial testing low-dose aspirin and vitamin E for preventing cancer and CVD among 39,876 women aged ≥45 years throughout the US from 1992-2004. When the trial ended as planned, women who were willing to participate continued in an observational follow-up study.

Participants in Accelerometer Study
From 2011-2015, an ancillary study collected data on physical activity and sedentary behavior using accelerometers. Women were mailed a triaxial accelerometer (ActiGraph GT3X+, ActiGraph Corp) with a wear log, and asked to wear this on their hip for seven consecutive days, removing it only during sleep and water-based activities. Further details have previously been published (PMID: 30666321).

A total of 17,708 women wore and returned their devices, and data were downloaded from the devices of 17,466 women; no data were available from the other 242 (device failure). By convention, a "valid day" of wear has data on at least 10 hours (PMID: 22698174). Among these 17,466 women, 17,062 had at least one valid day of wear. The data are provided for all 17,062 women.

Additionally, "compliant wear" is conventionally defined for participants wearing the device for at least 10 hours, on at least 4 days (PMID: 22698174). Of the 17,062 women, 16,741 had compliant wear (PMID: 29109088).

Self-reported Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior
After we received the accelerometer from a WHS participant, she was sent a questionnaire asking her to report the time she spent in different physical activities during the week that the accelerometer was worn (see questionnaire below). A total of 15,514 women (91% of participants in the Accelerometer Study) returned their physical activity questionnaires.

In addition, beginning in October 2012, we included questions on sedentary behavior; a total of 9,430 women returned questionnaires that included questions on both physical activity and sedentary behavior.

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