A Phase I/II Trial of T Cell Receptor Gene Therapy Targeting HPV-16 E7 for HPV-Associated Cancers

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phs002286 Clinical Trial

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This is a phase I clinical trial testing the safety and efficacy of gene-engineered T cells expressing a T-cell receptor targeting an HLA-A*02:01-restricted epitope of HPV-16 E7 (E7 TCR T cells) in patients with metastatic HPV-16+ epithelial cancers. A total of 12 patients were treated. The maximum tested dose was tolerated. Side effects were most consistent with the expected toxicities of the lymphocyte-depleting conditioning regimen and high-dose aldesleukin. Six of the 12 patients demonstrated objective clinical responses. Translational studies of the infused T cell characteristics did not correlate strongly with clinical response. Genomic defects in the targeted peptide-HLA complex did demonstrate definitive mechanisms of resistance in some patients.

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