The Team

The EGA Team at the CRG co-manages the European Genome and phenome Archive together with the EGA Team at the European Bioinformatics Institute.

In addition to maintaining and distributing data, we enrich the contents of the EGA contributing with our knowledge about genomics and the relationship between genomes and phenomes.

Previous Team Members

Alexander Senf
Alexander Vikhorev
Jeff Almeida-King
Mario Alberich
Sergi Aguilo
Pablo Arce
Minjie Ding
Alfred Gil
Leslie Glass
Jag Kandasamy
Giselle Kerry
Vasudev Kumanduri
llkka Lapalainen
Audald Lloret i Villas
Sira Martinez
Anand Mohan
Dietmar Orth
Justin Paschall
Saif Ur Rehman
Gary Saunders
Thomas Smith
Ashutosh Shimpi
Marc Sitges
Dhvani Solanki
Nino Spataro
Dylan Spalding
Matthieu Vizuete-Forster
Cristina Yenyxe Gonzalez Garcia
Jorge Izquierdo