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EGA QuickView

Secure and Remote Access to EGA Files

What is EGA QuickView?

EGA QuickView is a FUSE file system that allows secure and remote access to EGA files. It is a hybrid of sshfs and crypt4ghfs, which means it uses ssh to connect to the EGA distribution servers, downloads data in Crypt4GH format, and transparently decrypts those files. It is compatible with Linux and macOS 12.

Why use EGA QuickView?

EGA QuickView is a highly useful and convenient tool for anyone who needs to access EGA files remotely and securely. The software offers a quick and convenient way to browse through EGA files without the need for complete downloads, thus saving bandwidth and time. Whether you are a medical professional requiring access to sensitive patient data or a research scientist working on a project that involves EGA files, EGA QuickView provides a highly useful solution. The software boasts advanced security features, ensuring that your data is safe and protected at all times.

Get started with EGA QuickView

To get started with EGA QuickView, visit the EGA QuickView GitHub repository for more information and installation instructions.