EORTC Translational Research DAC

Dac ID Contact Person Email Access Information
EGAC00001000251 Thierry Gorlia thierry [dot] gorlia [at] eortc [dot] be No additional information is available

This DAC controls 3 datasets:

Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001001399 Data represent genome-wide DNA methylation profiles obtained by MethylCap-seq (Diagenode’s MethylCap-kit based purification followed by Illumina GAIIx sequencing), for 70 brain tissue samples, including 65 glioblastoma samples and 5 non-tumoral tissues (obtained from epilepsy surgery). Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx 70
EGAD00001008826 Mesothelioma of the peritoneum (n=21) and Pseudomyxoma peritonei/mucinous adenocarcinoma of the appendix (n=11) Illumina HiSeq 4000 32
EGAD00001008968 Arcagen is an EORTC/SPECTA pan-European project that aims to recruit 1000 rare cancer patients from different tumour domains of EURACAN. This study collected samples from advanced or metastatic rare cancer from patients older than 12, and analysed them using Foundation Medicine next-generation sequencing (NGS) panels (FoundationOne CDx for FFPE samples or FoundationOne Liquid CDx for blood samples). Here we are submitting two datasets that contain NGS files from gastrointestinal rare cancers (n=119): - Dataset 2 (87 patients): Intra-hepatic cholangiocarcinoma (n=47), Extra-hepatic, cholangiocarcinoma (n=16), Not specified Cholangiocarcinoma (n=9), Small bowel adenocarcinoma (n=6) and other rare GI cancer (n=9) Illumina HiSeq 4000 87