Toronto-Calgary Brain tumour stem cell group

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EGAC00001001876 Mathieu Lupien mathieu [dot] lupien [at] uhnresearch [dot] ca No additional information is available

This DAC controls 1 dataset:

Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001006813 RNA was extracted from GSCs using the Qiagen RNeasy Plus kit. RNA sample quality was measured by Qubit (Life Technologies) for concentration and by Agilent Bioanalyzer for RNA integrity. All samples had RIN above 9. Libraries were prepared using the TruSeq Stranded mRNA kit (Illumina). Two hundred nanograms from each sample were purified for polyA tail containing mRNA molecules using poly-T oligo attached magnetic beads, then fragmented post-purification. The cleaved RNA fragments were copied into first strand cDNA using reverse transcriptase and random primers. This is followed by second strand cDNA synthesis using RNase H and DNA Polymerase I. A single “A” base was added and adapter ligated followed by purification and enrichment with PCR to create cDNA libraries. Final cDNA libraries were verified by the Agilent Bioanalyzer for size and concentration quantified by qPCR. All libraries were pooled to a final concentration of 1.8nM, clustered and sequenced on the Illumina NextSeq500 as a pair-end 75 cycle sequencing run using v2 reagents to achieve a minimum of ~40 million reads per sample. NextSeq 500 87