Coeliac Disease Immunochip dataset

Study ID Alternative Stable ID Type
EGAS00000000053 GWAS

Study Description

Illumina Immunochip genotype data for coeliac disease and control samples. Data is in PLINK binary format. Calling algorithm for genotypes is based on GenomeStudio (GenTrain), with manual clustering of selected variants (please see published manuscript). Genotypes called in this way may not be exactly identical to those generated by other algorithms - this is particularly relevant for groups wishing to utilise the control data (e.g. 1958 Birth Cohort). Please contact the investigators if you wish to discuss access to other data formats (e.g. .idat).

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
Coeliac disease cases and control samples. (1958BC samples excluded)
Illumina ImmunoBeadChip - Illuminus,GenoSNP 10758
1958BC control samples
Illumina ImmunoBeadChip - Illuminus,GenoSNP 6812
NBS control samples
Illumina ImmunoBeadChip - Illuminus,GenoSNP 3030

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