Association studies using the Metabochip array - Samples analysed by the WTCCC (1958 British Birth Cohort (58BC), Hypertension cohort (HT), Type 2 Diabetes Cohort (T2D) and Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) cohort)

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EGAS00000000115 Genotype

Study Description

Genomewide association studies (GWAS) have proven a powerful hypothesis-free method to identify common disease-associated variants. Even quite large GWAS, however, have only at best identified moderate proportions of the genetic variants contributing to disease heritability. To provide cost-effective genotyping of common and rare variants to map the remaining heritability and to fine-map established loci, the Metabochip Consortium has developed a 200,000 SNP chip that has been produced in very large numbers for a fraction of the cost of GWAS chips. This chip provides a powerful tool for genetic studies of metabolic, cardiovascular and anthropometric traits (Voight et al., in press PLoS Genetics).

Study Datasets 4 datasets.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
WTCCC2 samples from Hypertension Cohort
- Illuminus 2943
WTCCC2 samples from Type 2 Diabetes Cohort
- Illuminus 2975
WTCCC2 samples from 1958 British Birth Cohort
Illumina HumanExome-12v1_A-GenCall, zCall 12241
WTCCC2 samples from Coronary Artery Disease Cohort
- Illuminus, GenoSNP 3125

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