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Powerful Identification of Cis-regulatory SNPs in Human Primary Monocytes Using Allele-Specific Gene Expression

The aim of this study was to compare the power to detect associations between SNPs using cis-eQTL mapping and ASE analysis (allele specific expression).

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00010000387 Illumina Human 1.2M Duo custom BeadChips v1 - Genome Studio 188
EGAD00010000389 Illumina Human-Ref 8 v3.0 expression array 395
EGAD00010000391 Illumina Human 660K Quad BeadChips - Illuminus 232
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Powerful identification of cis-regulatory SNPs in human primary monocytes using allele-specific gene expression.
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Single nucleotide polymorphisms with cis-regulatory effects on long non-coding transcripts in human primary monocytes.
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Allelic expression mapping across cellular lineages to establish impact of non-coding SNPs.
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