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The Finrisk sample sets are part of the National FINRISK Study. It is a large population survey on risk factors of chronic, noncommunicable diseases. The survey is carried out since 1972 every five years using independent, random and representative population samples from different parts of Finland. The main results from the previous FINRISK 2007 survey are published.The National FINRISK Study Survey was carried out in 5 areas in Finland and 2000 inhabitants aged 25-75 years were invited to participate in each year. Among findings were that Finns continue to gain weight.Data from FINRISK surveys are used for many different research projects and for national health monitoring needs. The recent research activities deal, in addition to cardiovascular diseases and the classical risk factors, also with e.g. asthma and allergy, alcohol, socioeconomic factors and genetic epidemiology.The FINRISK study is part of the MORGAM Project (MONICA Risk, Genetics, Archiving and Monigraph), sponsored by the EU and MDECODE (Molecular Diversity and Epidemiology of Common Disease) program coordinated by the University of Michigan.The exome sequencing study will be part of the Dilgom study, which is a part of the larger Finrisk population based health study performed in Finland. It consists of 5000 individuals with a prospective aspect of metabolic traits. The cohort has been extensively phenotyped for their cardiovascular and metabolic status. So far, we have performed a 660K Illumina GWAS and a full genome wide expression study from peripheral blood cells of 500 individuals. The cohort has also been in total genotyped by the cardiometabochip

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001000200 Illumina HiSeq 2000 130