Exome sequencing of a Novel Primary T Cell Immunodeficiency Kindred

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Primary T cell immunodeficiency disorders are genetically heterogenous. Mutations in genes required for specific stages of T cell development within the thymus can lead to reduced numbers of circulating T cells. On the hand, T cells may not egress from the thymus normally leading to profound T cell lymphopenia. As a result, patients with these disorders succumb to a range of severe opportunisitic infections unless allogeneic transplantation is performed. We wish to whole exome sequence a Caucasian family in which the index case shows features of impaired T cell egress from the thymus. Importantly, known genes implicated in T cell immunodeficiency including CORO1A have been seqeuenced and found to normal in this individual.

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Primary T cell immunodeficiency disorders have a heterogeneous genetic basis. This study will focus on one case characterised by severe T cell lymphopenia in the index case. We aim to sequence the complete exomes of this individual, her three unaffected siblings and parents in an effort to identify the causative genetic mutation responsible for this disorder. We will perform exome capture using Agilent SureSelect system, followed by sequencing on the HiSeq platform. Our study has the ... (Show More)
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