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We investigate the naturally occurring variation of small RNA expression in conjunction with genetic and gene expression variation. We shall assess the variation in subabdominal fat tissue small RNA levels in 168 unrelated MuTHER individuals. Using gene expression data from the same samples, we can survey how much the small RNA expression contributes to the variance in gene expression profiles. We can also take advantage of the high density genotyping data on these samples to identify genetic associations of small RNA expression levels, and the downstream effect of the genetic variants in small RNA sequence. Previous small RNA sequencing efforts have also extended the repertoire of small RNAs, and we hope to potentially find additional small RNAs active in adipose tissue biology. Altogether, the project should provide an exciting view into small RNA biology in humans, and lead to development of new methodology for analysis of molecular phenotype data.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001000105 Illumina Genome Analyzer II 130
Publications Citations
Extent, causes, and consequences of small RNA expression variation in human adipose tissue.
PLoS Genet 8: 2012 e1002704