CPC-GENE Prostate Cancer Heterogeneity Study

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EGAS00001000549 Other

Study Description

Herein we describe a molecular portrait of potentially curable, Gleason 7 and intermediate risk prostate cancer based on genome-wide CNV profiles of 96 patients, and subsequent whole-genome sequencing of 28 tumours from 10 patients, using DNA quantities that are achievable in diagnostic biopsies (50 ng). We show that Gleason 7 cancer is highly heterogeneous at the SNV, CNV, and intra-chromosomal translocation levels, and is characterized by a very low number of recurrent SNVs but significant structural variation. We identified a novel recurrent MYCL1 amplification, which was strongly associated with TP53 deletion and prognostic for biochemical recurrence in this cohort. Moreover, we identified clear evidence of divergent tumour evolution in multi focal cancer and, in 2/5 cases evaluated, multiple tumours of independent clonal origin. Taken together, these data represent the first systematic evaluation of the differential genomics of potentially curable prostate cancer, and strongly suggest that a more robust understanding of the relationship between genetic heterogeneity and ... (Show More)

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Illumina HiSeq 2000 26

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