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The study provides comprehensive access to the set of EGA studies which may be useful as controls.

The subjects studies in these datasets were selected due to being healthy control individuals or otherwise provide well characterised phenotype or exclude certain disease phenotype categories such that they may be useful as control population, such as to derive allele frequencies from a known reference population.

Click on a Dataset ID in the table below to learn more, and to find out who to contact about access to these data

Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00000000001 Affymetrix 500K 1504
EGAD00000000002 Affymetrix 500K 1500
EGAD00000000017 -
EGAD00000000023 1
EGAD00000000024 1
EGAD00000000031 1
EGAD00010000248 GenoSNP Illumina ImmunoBeadChip - Illuminus 6812
EGAD00010000250 GenoSNP Illumina ImmunoBeadChip - Illuminus 3030
EGAD00010000387 Illumina Human 1.2M Duo custom BeadChips v1 - Genome Studio 188
EGAD00010000389 Illumina Human-Ref 8 v3.0 expression array 395
EGAD00010000391 Illumina Human 660K Quad BeadChips - Illuminus 232
EGAD00010000458 151
EGAD00010000484 Affymetrix_250K(Nsp) - gtype 234
EGAD00010000494 Illumina_Human660W-Quad_v1_A-Not supplied 4
EGAD00010000504 Affymetrix_U133plus2- 35
EGAD00010001004 Infinium 550K 1504