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UQCCR/QCMG brain metastasis sequence analysis

The present study, conducted by the UQCCR and QCMG at the University of Queensland, investigated the genomic landscape of brain metastases from 36 patients (with matched normal samples) that originated from a range of primary tumour sites (including breast (11), lung (18), melanoma (6) and oesophageal (1)) utilizing Illumina 2500 HiSeq Exome sequencing. Somatic substitutions were identified using a dual qSNP/GATK calling strategy. The Pindel tool was used to determined short insertions and deletions. Key biological pathways were investigated using pathway analysis tools. It is envisaged that the current work may provide important biological insights into the genomic characterization and evolution of brain metastasis and additionally identify druggable targets of clinical relevance.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001007973 106