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EGAS00001000803 Whole Genome Sequencing

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Analysis of mutational signatures arising in vivo in humans. iPS cells from control patients and100 patients carrying known mutations in DNA repair/editing genes will be generated, andsequenced.Blood from the patients will also be used to generate reference 'germline' sequence data.

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Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (hiPSC) are an established patient-specific model system where opportunities are emerging for cell-based therapies. We compared and contrasted hiPSCs derived from different tissues, skin and blood, in the same individual. We show extensive single-nucleotide mutagenesis in all hiPSC lines, although fibroblast-derived hiPSCs (F-hiPSCs) are particularly heavily mutagenized by ultraviolet (UV)-related damage. We utilized genome sequencing data on 454 F-hiPSCs ... (Show More)
HiSeq X Ten 86

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