High coverage target resequencing of coding and regulatory regions of 38 Parkinson disease genes associated either to the Mendelian or the sporadic forms of the disease

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EGAS00001000973 Other

Study Description

Coding sequences and putative regulatory sequences (retrieved from Ensembl and including up to 2500 bp of promoter sequence upstream the transcription start site) were re-sequenced to a mean depth of 49X on 38 genes associated to Parkinson's disease (RAB25, NUCKS1, RAB7L1, GBA, SYT11, ACMSD, STK39, MCCC1, STBD1, GAK, DGKQ, BST1, SCARB2, HLA-DRB5, GPNMB, FGF20, ITGA8, HIP1R, STX1B, SETD1A, SREBF1, MED13, RAI1, MAPT, RIT2, GIGYF2, HTRA2, EIF4G1, SNCA, LRRK2, VPS35, PINK1, DJ1, ATP13A2, UCHL1, PARK2, FBXO7, and PLA2G6). Sequencing was performed on 249 Parkinson's idiopathic cases and 145 unrelated controls of Spanish origin. All sequencing data was generated with an Illumina Hiseq2000 instrument after enrichment with a custom NimbleGen array. Raw reads were mapped to human reference genome hg19/GRCh37 using BWA aligner.

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The dataset regards the sequencing of coding and putative regulatory sequences of 38 genes associated to either sporadic or Mendelian form of Parkinson's disease
Illumina HiSeq 2000 394

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