Genome-wide association study of response to warfarin in a UK prospective cohort

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EGAS00001001130 Other

Study Description

Genome-wide association study of Warfarin dosing in 714 British, recruited in Liverpool and Birmingham. Three phenotypes were investigated: warfarin mean dose, warfarin mean stable dose, and INR over 4 during first week of treatment. Stability was defined by at least three INR measurements within target in a three week period. The samples were genotyped on the Illumina 610K chip and imputed using Impute v2.1, with a combined filtered set composed of HapMap 3 release 2 and 1000 genomes pilot 1 CEU.

Study Datasets 1 dataset.

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610k genotyping imputed on Hapmap 3 and 1000G Phase 1 CEU

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