Recurrent mTORC1-activating RRAGC mutations in follicular lymphoma

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Follicular lymphoma (FL) is an incurable B-cell malignancy characterized by the t(14;18) and mutations in one or more components of the epigenome. Whilst frequent gene mutations in signaling pathways, including JAK-STAT, NOTCH and NF-κB, have also been defined, the spectrum of these mutations typically overlap with the closely-related diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL). A combination of discovery exome and extended targeted sequencing revealed recurrent somatic mutations in RRAGC uniquely enriched in FL patients (17%). More than half of the mutations preferentially co-occurred with ATP6V1B2 and ATP6AP1 mutations, components of the vacuolar H+-adenosine triphosphate ATPase (v-ATPase) known to be necessary for amino acid-dependent mTORC1 activation. RagC mutants increased raptor binding whilst rendering mTORC1 signaling resistant to amino acid deprivation through nucleotide-independent mechanisms. Collectively, the activating nature of the RRAGC mutations, their existence within the dominant clone and stability during disease progression supports their potential as an excellent ... (Show More)

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Whole exome sequencing data of 5 patients diagnosed with FL that had undergone several relapse episodes without evidence of transformation
Illumina HiSeq 2500 29

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