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Genomic Epidemiology of Complex Diseases in Population-based Brazilian Cohorts

The EPIGEN-Brasil Initiative is so far the largest Latin American initiative in population genomics and genetic epidemiology. Its main goal is to study the association between genetic variants found in the Brazilian population and complex diseases, taking into account one of the most important characteristics of this population: its admixture. Population genetic include genomewide genotyping of 6487 individuals and high-resolution whole genome sequencing from 30 individuals from three population-based Brazilian cohorts: Salvador, Bambuí and Pelotas. More information about the population-based cohorts are available on: For the 1982 Pelotas birth cohort study in Victora and Barros 2006 (PMID 16373375); For the Bambui cohort study of aging in LIma-Costa MF et al. (2011) (PMID 20805109); For the Salvador-Scaala study in Barreto et al. (2006) (PMID 16796729)

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00010000787 6487
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