Sequencing of serial plasma and multiregional tumor samples in a patient with metastatic breast cancer

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EGAS00001001466 Other

Study Description

Circulating tumor DNA analysis can be used to track tumor burden and analyze cancer genomes non-invasively but the extent to which it represents metastatic heterogeneity is unknown. Here, we follow a patient with metastatic ER and HER2 positive breast cancer receiving two lines of targeted therapy over 3 years. We characterize genomic architecture and infer clonal evolution in 8 tumor biopsies and 9 plasma samples collected over 1,193 days of clinical follow-up using exome and targeted amplicon sequencing.

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Exome and targeted amplicon sequencing data for tumor, germline and plasma samples from a patient with metastatic breast cancer.
Illumina HiSeq 2500,Illumina MiSeq 30

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