We screened 2.5 million SNPs in 161 individuals from 13 Sahelian populations from Western, Central and Eastern parts of the belt, and including both nomadic and sedentary groups

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EGAS00001001610 Other

Study Description

We confirmed the role of the Sahel belt as a main corridor for human migrations across the African continent. Strong admixture was observed in both Central and Eastern Sahelian populations, with North Africans and Near Eastern/Arabians respectively, but it was inexistent in Western Sahelian populations. Genome-wide local ancestry inference in admixed Sahelian populations revealed several candidate regions that were significantly enriched for non-autochthonous haplotypes, and many showed to be under positive selection.

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Sahel population study using 2.5M
Illumina HumanOmni2.5 161

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