WES analysis of a mixed cohort of pituitary tumors

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BACKGROUND: Sporadic pituitary adenomas are the second most common primary brain tumor, but their genetics remains incompletely understood. We performed deep DNA sequencing of 42 pituitary macroadenomas, including hormonally active and atypical adenomas. METHODS: Pituitary adenomas representative of a spectrum of histopathologic subtypes, primary and recurrent tumors, and MIB-1 proliferative indices were profiled. Whole-exome sequencing was performed on tumors and paired blood followed by analysis of somatic copy number alteration and mutation. RESULTS: On the whole, the tumors harbored a low rate of mutations, similar to other benign brain tumors. However, almost one-third (29%) exhibited somatic copy-number alterations across large fractions of the genome (up to 99%). Despite such widespread genomic disruption, these tumors had few focal events, which is atypical among highly-disrupted cancers. The other 71% of tumors formed a distinct molecular class, with somatic copy-number alterations involving less than 6% of the genome. Among the highly-disrupted group, 92% were ... (Show More)

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All pituitary samples
Illumina HiSeq 2500 84

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