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Interactions between the tumor and the systemic response of breast cancer patients

Breast cancer (BC) research has largely focused on the molecular properties of the tumor proper. However, to understand how cancer progresses and ultimately modulates patient outcome, we also require an understanding of the molecular changes in the patient systemic response (SR). Toward this end, we generated and analyzed RNA profiles from tumor and matched blood samples in 173 BC patients. We designed a system (MIxT) to explore and link tightly co-expressed gene sets (modules) across matched tissues. The gene composition of modules, and their expression, largely vary across tissues. Distinct patterns of expression in the SR are predominantly detected in highly immunogenic BC subtypes. We also find that the expression pattern of a module in one tissue is correlated to the expression pattern of a module in the other tissue in a fashion that depends on subtype. For example, systemic immunosuppression is detected in basalL patients in a fashion that is proportional to the level of expression of several tumor modules highlighting immune evasion mechanisms active in these particular cancers.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00010001062 IlluminaHuman AWG-6 and HT12 455
EGAD00010001063 IlluminaHuman AWG-6 and HT12 173
EGAD00010001064 IlluminaHuman HT12 173
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