Genomic characterization of NUT midline carcinoma

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EGAS00001001934 Other

Study Description

In this study, we sequenced two NUT midline carcinoma genomes. Analysis of rearrangement breakpoint provided information on the generating event of BRD-NUT rearrangements. Mutational signature analysis also revealed biological process during tumorigenesis of NUT midline carcinomas.

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In this study, we sequenced three NUT midline carcinoma genomes and their transcriptomes (NMC1, NMC2 and Ty-82), and two paired normal blood samples (for NMC1 and NMC2). Whole-genome sequencing libraries were generated by PCR-free methods, and sequencing run was made in HiSeq X machines. Transcriptome (mRNA) sequencing was performed in HiSeq 2500 machines. PCR duplicates-marked, indel-realigned, and base-recalibrarted BAM files are provided in our dataset.
HiSeq X Ten,Illumina HiSeq 2500 8

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