Gene fusion and transcriptomic landscapes of sarcomas

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Sarcoma represents a highly heterogeneous group of tumors. We report here the first unbiased and systematic search for gene fusions and analysis of transcriptomic profiles in 100 monomorphic sarcomas cases using RNA-sequencing profiling. Fusion genes were detected in two thirds of samples. Similarly to fusion genes such as PAX3/7-FOXO1, EWSR1/FUS-ETS, SS18-SSX, BRD3/4-NUTM1 or EWSR1/FUS/TAF15-NR4A3 characterizing well-defined entities, we show that all sarcomas displaying CIC fusions- whatever their fusion partner (being DUX4, NUTM1 or FOXO4) - form a transcriptionally homogeneous group of tumors. Likewise, tumors with either a BCOR fusion (with CCNB3, MAML3 or ZC3H7B partners) or with a BCOR internal duplication form a single biological entity. We also found that EML4-ALK fusions also characterize a homogeneous infantile fibrosarcoma subgroup. In contrast, fusions like VGLL2-NCOA2/CITED2, TMP3/TRP-NTRK1 or ETV6-NTRK3 are observed in more heterogeneous tumors. Finally, we also describe a new group of bone sarcomas characterized by EWSR1- or FUS-TFCP2 fusions.

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Dataset is composed of FASTQ files from 165 samples of small round cell sarcomas which were RNA-sequenced (whole transcriptome) with either Illumina HiSeq 2500 (120 million reads per sample, paired-end 100 pb) or Illumina NextSeq 500 (110 million reads per sample, paired-end 150)
Illumina HiSeq 2500,NextSeq 500 165

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