A Functional Network of Gastric-Cancer-Associated Splicing Events Controlled by Dysregulated Splicing Factors

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Except for a few genes known to have oncogenic spliceforms in gastric cancer, the full scope of aberrant splicing in gastric oncogenesis remains unclear. In this study, we elucidated the alternative splicing events associated with gastric carcinogenesis and identified upstream regulators governing these events. We performed RNA-seq on 19 matched tumor/normal pairs and a panel of gastric cancer cell lines, and identified 361 tumor associated (TA) alternative splicing events (ASEs), which included known oncogenic ASEs in genes such as INSR, FGFR2, CD44 and KRAS. We further identified 8 splicing factors dysregulated in gastric tumors, the expression of which are correlated to the splice ratio of the TA ASEs. We thereby constructed a dysregulated splicing network in gastric cancer, consisting of alternative splicing changes correlated to their potential regulators. This network featured three potential regulatory modules centered around the splicing factors ESRP2, MBNL1 and PTPB1. Knockdown of each splicing factor led to the expected changes in splicing of approximately half of the ASEs ... (Show More)

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strand-specific RNA-seq data from 19 gastric tumors and their adjacent normal tissues, plus 16 gastric cancer cell lines, one normal gastric cell line, and 3 normal stomach RNAs
Illumina HiSeq 2500 58

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