RNA seq on 19 samples of Radiation-Induced Meningiomas

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Purpose: Majority of pediatric cancers require the irradiation of the central nervous system (CNS), and as more patients survive into adulthood from improved oncological therapy the sequelae of brain radiation are increasing in prevalence. Radiation-induced meningiomas (RIMs), one such secondary effect, demonstrate a clinically more aggressive behaviour than sporadic meningiomas (SMs). We aimed to describe the genomic mutational landscape of RIMs.Methods: We analyzed a principal cohort of 18 RIMs, with 31 RIMs overall, from patients who received childhood radiation therapy and 30 SMs, as a comparator population. We performed a multiplatform integrative genomic analysis; including methylation, whole exome and RNA sequencing. Results: RIMs exhibited a five-fold increase in copy number alterations, commonly the loss of chromosome 1p (17/18 RIMs) and 22q (17/18 RIMs), which was significantly more than observed in sporadic meningiomas. Furthermore, RNA sequencing data revealed an NF2 gene fusion event in 35.3% of RIMs. In all 6 cases, there was a complete NF2 exon spliced into a ... (Show More)

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EGAS00001002317 - Whole exome sequencing of data of 18 RIMs with matched bloods. Median depth of 112x (range of 110-120). Performed on Illumina HiSeq Platform. EGAS00001002318 - RNA sequencing data of 18 RIMs on the Illumina HiSeq Platform.
Illumina HiSeq 2000,Illumina HiSeq 2500 54

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